Petrovka 21
Old photo street Petrovka, 21

Mansion on street Petrovka, 21 for sale

Reconstructed mansion in the historical center of Moscow. A two-storey building with an attic and a total area of 400 sq.m. Located in the courtyard of the estate A.S. Shemyakin. Rooms without partitions and interior decoration. Open floor plan with communicatoins. High ceilings 3.6 m. Intensive pedestrian traffic.

cultural heritage of Moscow
400 m2
total area of free floor plans
1,3 km
from the Kremlin and other historical places
restoration project of P. P. Skomoroshenko
Mansion in the center of Moscow

Historical place within a golden mile

Old map street Petrovka

The two-storey house No. 21 on Petrovka street is a prime example of the first apartment houses that appeared in Moscow in the 1870s. Early apartment houses were no higher than old mansions and harmoniously combined with manors of that time.

In 1730-40s this areas was part of the vast yard of Senator V. Novosiltsov, whose children sold the estate to A. Nekrasov, great-grandfather of the famous poet.

Nekrasov's widow divided this area into two pieces. A small ownership, which has now become house 21, belonged to the Moscow tradesmen Shustov, Shemyakin, Prokhorov and Sokolov at different times. In the middle of the XIX century two faces of the building of two-storey houses, that was decorated with Atlanteans went out on Petrovka.

Atlantes attracted visitors to the shops, which was located in the first floors of houses and was also an advertisement for the stucco workshop of Sevryugin, which was located in the yard.

In the 1870s the owner of the house becomes the merchant of the 2nd Guild A. Sokolov. In 1876, he ordered the project of a new apartment house to architect P. Skomoroshenko, who also built the house of Trinity farmstead in Kitay-Gorod.

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Restoration plan approved by the government of Moscow — 2017-2019 yars

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